3 Secrets to The Perfect Discus Aquarium

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Aquarium Discus

Aquarium Discus

Discus aquarium conditions has to be best for healthy discus fish. Discus fish are labeled as a few of the hardest fish to preserve because they are so sensitive to the water. Most people say that if you are a beginner that you ought to not commence having a discus aquarium. I think that when you have the appropriate manual and guidance, you will be able to have healthy discus fish.

Discus Aquarium – Water Conditions

Keeping your discus aquarium clean can take some maintenance. Don’t worry, you don’t’ have to invest a great deal of funds on a Reverse Osmosis unit. They are very good with regards to keeping the quality of the water clean. You can accomplish this be changing out 25% of the water regularly. I would suggest that you do this at least two times a week.

As stated previously, your discus fish is really sensitive to water as well as the water conditions has to be clean at all times. A good tip is to add a water conditioner to the tank. Tetra Aqua Secure Water Conditioner is awesome to use. It’ll get rid of metals and any chloride from the water. One crucial factor is to be sure that you have a heater and a thermometer so that you can preserve the temperatures of the water. The water temperature should be between 25-30 degrees Celsius and 80-86 degreed Fahrenheit. The pH levels of the tank water should be between five.5-7. The optimal level is 6. You are able to obtain a test kit from the pet store or any store that sales pet supplies. You must keep the water hardness at 0-8dH.

Discus Aquarium – Filtration

Water filtration is extremely essential. You’ll find three types of filtration that may be employed and they are mechanical, biological and chemical filtration.

Mechanical filtration will assist get rid of food and waste form the tank. It is possible to use a sponge or pads. This approach will filter out the waste before your tank is contaminated.

Chemical filtration absorbs any pollutants from the tank. This is good from removing chlorine and phosphates for the tank.

Biological filtration helps maintain a condition in the water that is safe for your discus. The biological filtration help with the nitrogen cycle. This is the bacteria that your fish tank requirements.

Discus Aquarium – Tank Ornaments

Your discus fish are beautiful fish and I know that you want to make your discus aquarium just as beautiful. Here are some items that will be added to the tank. You can add gravel, ornaments, pats and driftwood. Just bear in mind, you have to ensure that you clean up waste and uneaten food.

In case you are a beginner, begin off with a bare bottom tank. Only add some plants for them to hide. Most beginners have poor experiences simply because they do not keep the tank clean. A bare bottom tank indicates that none thing is placed at the bottom, no gravel, no ornaments and no rocks. It will be easier to you to remove uneaten food and waste from the tank. As time goes on and you’ll be able to commence to add ornaments to the tank.

Your Discus Aquarium is your pride and joy. There are some important tips to know to keeping your discus fish happy and healthy. For a complete guide on discus aquarium and discus fish care; visit: Discus Care.


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