A Complete Guide to The Perfect Discus Water Temperature

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Discus Water

Discus Water

As the owner of discus fish, you must ensure that you keep the discus water clean within your aquarium. Discus fish are quite intelligent and incredible fish but they can need a little far more maintenance than other fish since they’re sensitive fish. The principal reason that men and women fail with having healthy discus fish is due to the fact their discus water conditions aren’t suitable. I is going to be revealing all the secrets to having the best discus water conditions.

So that you can be sure that your discus water conditions within your aquarium are right, you would like to imitate their natural habitat. Discus originally are from the Amazon River Basins. The Amazon River have warm waters and the clear water conditions. The water is deep and they’ve plenty of room to move around. There is also plants, rocks and tree limbs for them to hide along with the location is shady from the tall trees.

There is a lot of maintenance in keeping the tank clean. You should recycle out 25% of the water a couple times a week and add in new water. You may also need to vacuum out the bottom to get rid of uneaten decaying food and waste. I would suggest that you simply buy a bottom feeder that can eat the food at the bottom; this will assist with the maintenance. As soon as you get a system and have a guide, keeping your discus water clean isn’t a hard task at all.

Discus Water – It is all starts with the Perfect tank

Just before you bring property your fish, we need to talk about your aquarium before we even get into discus water conditions. The size of the tank is quite essential. You have to have a larger size tank to accommodate them simply because the like deep water. They are social fish and like to be in groups. They grow huge in size as well as a significant aquarium will probably be much better for them. It really is advised that you simply purchase at least 6 discus fish at time. It is a good thought to obtain them when they’re juveniles and make sure you have male and female. The reason for this is because as they grow up together they will tend to pair off and it is possible to commence breeding them if you are ready.

Discus Water – The Temperature, pH levels

The temperature for your discus water is quite crucial. In their natural habitat the water is warm and you need to make sure that you simply keep temperature around 82-86 degrees Fahrenheit or 28 – 31 degrees Celsius. You will must purchase a thermometer and a heater to ensure that you are able to maintain the temperature of the tank. Your discus fish is also sensitive to the water. You want to have the pH levels of the water between 5.5-7. The optimal pH level is 6. You’ll need to purchase a test kit from your local pet store to ensure that you’ll be able to check the pH levels and ammonia levels of the discus water at all times.

Discus Water – Getting the Discus Water Chemistry proper

Not merely do you have to worry about the temperature as well as the pH levels, you have to be sure that the water chemistry is right. Soft water is much better for them. The reading should be between 5-10 dH.

Discus Water – Things to Put inside the Aquarium

You’ll discover that discus fish are extremely shy and they like to hide inside the tank. You can add gravel, plants, and driftwood. You do desire to be careful just before you put issues inside the water since they can bring harsh minerals to the water. If you are a beginner, begin having a bare bottom tank since it will be straightforward for you to maintain the tank clean.

Keeping your discus water clean just isn’t a hard job. It can be component of the basics for taking care of your discus fish. All that’s needed is really a guide that you can follow. Make certain to keep your discus water clean so that you can have healthy and breeding discus fish for many years to come

Clean Discus Water is very important for the health of your fish. You have to make sure that the temperature and the pH levels are correct. For a Free 10 Day Mini Course on Discus Fish and more information on Discus Care; visit: Discus Fish Care.


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