College Humor Prank War 7 (View from the Student Section)

March 13, 2011 | Author: | Posted in Humor | 12,828 views

Prank War 7, University of Maryland 0000 shot
Video Rating: 4 / 5

This video is Brace covering GI with John Stabb Governemnt Issue at WMUC College Park Maryland. Steve is in heaven right here.


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Comments (37)

  1. illisKempe


  2. iwillalwaysdream96

    Now THIS is funny! HEHEHE! No one gets hurt and his reaction is hilarious!

  3. rnellLehnh


  4. istinSchues


  5. babylara1p


  6. cuhorratz1t


  7. stevehennessy82


  8. 1skitzoCALL911

    @thedeathskittle Trust, I’ve seen them all and i still think Amir goes a little too far with his pranks. I could understand fooling someone into making a blind basket for half a million dollars. It’s fun. Crowd had fun too. Be see now having someone jump out of a plane just to joke that their parachutes not working! That’s a little too far. The baseball stadium one was pretty nasty too.

  9. MrAmuhrica

    5 guys had the same thing happen to them.

  10. FreezingHot95

    he deserved it

  11. thedeathskittle

    @1skitzoCALL911 not really.. if youve watched all of the prank wars, they’re both equally cruel to each other

  12. 1skitzoCALL911

    Streeter makes his pranks to where your having a better time than you would of had, had he not done it.
    Amirs ruins good times.

  13. Bardman11

    epic music LOL

  14. motomad1995

    @TheAwesomeBrandon it wouldn’t have counted as it was rigged from the start

  15. ArthurMurrayTX

    Is this music????? Aaaaahhh..garbage

  16. fight2unite

    I’m the bullet!

  17. Tommyvon

    nice. i was at this show, i was in the prowl, we opened this gig

  18. jeffhasnolife

    Man, that’s really fucking cool that he just got up there and just ripped it up for an underground show like this. I know a ton of bands do Minor Threat covers, but I would bet Ian would NEVER do something like this. Mad respect for John Stabb.

  19. bulldogbat

    jon – he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. i saw gi in 88 and will say jon has not aged…

  20. 80smoviesguy

    haha, does Stabb ever age?

  21. eckerbat

    Ah, 2002, I was already gone. But what a fun time that must have been. Good ol’ WMUC old timers like me wish you all the best!

  22. fight2unite


  23. FeltRabbit

    When was this? I work up at WMUC and I never see this many people. Except for meeting some time.

    Our studio is small, but useful. It’s not a nurse’s office. That’s not to say it doesn’t smell like one.

  24. mtnbikerburke

    my god — is this in the nurse’s office? a far cry from hung jury pub…

  25. GoatShanty

    this is fuckin awesome. That’s my favorite GI song, I might add.

  26. poolpig

    john stabb is recovering from a brutal attack, total face reconstructive surgery! so find the web site and donate!!!!!!!

  27. bvonmoss

    Boots! Sheer Terror!

  28. thunderwun705


  29. herndonhornet

    F’n ayy! Stabb, you still rule! Now do a REUNION show!!! I will pay $1000 for a ticket!!!

  30. HarryTheHippo


    I do not know what format? But any cam is fine with me. The only dvd out there of GI is Flipside video which is pretty good. But from what John says it is going to be great! Nutball does mean it will be good in a crazy way. ;) I will keep you updated.


    ~ Tim

  31. punkrack

    Harry – that is fkn fab news – is professionally shot multi-cam etc? anything is better than nowt but the band at the end was incredible and one of the great tragedies of our time that the masses never got to see/hear em.

    mucho thanks for replying – ‘nutball’ never heard that before this side of the pond and i presume it is good

  32. HarryTheHippo

    Yes, there is footage of Robbins and Moffet. I have seen it myself. I am friend’s with Stabb and sent me an email today saying that 3 G.I. shows will be released on DVD by Dr. Strange Records from 3 shows: wilson center ’82, philly ’84 (with mike fellows on bass), & pa state college ’88 (the final g.i. line-up).

    I hear it will be nutball!

    So there you have it. ;)

  33. mrgnhnt

    long time gi fan….thanks for this!

  34. JosephPattisall

    you’re right that is funny.

  35. jon2xu

    the part that stikes me as funny hes so much older,a kid inthe crowd flew through the air like a bullett

  36. JosephPattisall

    thanks, but what part of this strikes you as funny?

  37. jon2xu

    funny and good

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