Discus Aquarium – The Perfect Size and Location of Your Discus Fish Tank

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Discus Aquarium Fish

Discus Aquarium Fish

One of one of the most important things to believe about in terms of your discus fish is your discus aquarium. Your discus aquarium has to be setup close to their natural habitat. This is really critical in terms of the health of your fish. You also wish to make your aquarium stunning by decorating it’ll all sorts of ornaments. Prior to you believe about those things, I desire to provide you with some pointers on picking out the excellent discus aquarium and why the location of the tank is very crucial.

Discus Aquarium – Selection of the Excellent tank & the Location

Discus fish comes from the rivers and streams of the Amazon River. The water is really deep and the fish are able to swim freely. Discus fish grows larger than some fish and you have to accommodate them with a larger discus aquarium. Another reason a larger tank is better is because discus fish are sociable fish and do well in groups of 6 or more. Just in case you may wish to try to breed your discus fish later on, it is a good idea to purchase them as juveniles. They will be able to pick a mate as they grow up together. When juveniles are purchased they may be small but they will grow larger in size.

In relation to your discus aquarium, it is a good idea to purchase the biggest tank that you can afford. It is recommended that you purchase at least a 55 gallon tank.

Discus Aquarium – The location

It is extremely important to feel about the location of your discus aquarium. There are several reasons why the location is essential. Your discus are really shy fish and a lot of movement and loud noise can stress them out. Stress can cause them to get ill. So you wish to place your tank in a locations that has low traffic. Another reason why location is crucial is because you don’t want to place your tank directly in the sunlight. The light can cause your plants to grow wild and cause algae to grow in the tank. The discus aquarium has to have clean water at all times and algae growth can cause bacteria in the water. If your plants grow wild it can be hard to get rid of waste and uneaten food left behind.

Discus Aquarium – The Ornaments

If this is the really first time that you are becoming a discus fish owner, it is recommended that you start with a bare bottom tank. You don’t need to put any gravel, rocks, driftwood and ornaments in the tank. It’ll make it harder for you to remove waste and decaying food from the bottom of your tank. Once you understand more about water conditions, you can start adding more items to the tank.
If are ready for the next step, then you can plants, rocks, gravel, driftwood and ornaments in the tank. Make sure that you clean the gravel well and make sure that you clean in between the ornaments.W

Setting your Discus Aquarium is very important to the health of your fish. They are very sensitive to water and it has to be clean at all times, For a FREE 10 mini course on Discus Fish and for more information on discus aquarium; visit: Discus Fish Care.


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