Discus Care Tips for Healthy Discus Fish

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Discus Care

Discus Care

Discus fish are very well-liked fish but some beginners don’t need to try their hand simply because they hear that discus care can take a whole lot of maintenance. They are gorgeous tropical fish that comes in an array of colors. They are really intelligent and they will respond to their owners. When you have these beauties in a tank, it will be a sure hit. There is no large secret to discus care it requires that you simply keep clean water within the tank at all times. It doesn’t matter regardless of whether you might be a beginner or a veteran.

There are many debates on discus care. Individuals are giving their opinions from what works finest for them. Within the beginning, you locate a lot of information on discus care and the best way to set up your tank. It doesn’t matter what technique you use, it all comes back to one factor and it is keeping your discus tank clean for optimal discus care. Despite the fact that numerous individuals put up a large fuss, discus are is not all that tough to keep as long your follow certain guidelines.

Clean Water for Discus Care

Discus fish are really delicate fish and they are sensitive to poor water conditions. Keeping your discus fish tank clean can require a great deal of maintenance for the health of your discus fish but seeing them in the tank can be really rewarding. The first factor which is needed for discus care is that you alter about 25% of the tank water a couple times a week. Filtration of the water is important for discus care. A big part of the water is generating sure that your tank water is at the proper temperature and at the correct pH level. You must eliminate any uneaten food and waste from the tank to ensure that it will not grow to be contaminated.

Discus Care – Food is quite crucial

Food is often an extremely crucial part to discus care. You are able to feed your fish foods from flakes, pellets, brine shrimp, and blood worms. Some other foods that experienced discus hobbyist will feed their fish are live worms and larvae. You do need to be careful when feeding them live food simply because they could have parasites which will contaminate the water. Discus Fish need to have a quite nutritional diet plan. You in no way want to feed your discus much more than 5 times each day. As fry and juveniles they will need more food for growth but as adults, you need to not feed them more than 2 times each day.

Discus Care – Tank decorations

It is possible to decorate your tank with rocks, plants, ornaments, gravel and driftwood. Discus fish are very shy and they like to hide around the rocks, driftwood and even the plants. Decorations are fairly but they make it harder for you to maintain the tank clean. To effectively clean the tank you will have to remove waste and uneaten food from the bottom. It is hard to eliminate these from the gravel and from the decorations. Decaying food and waste left inside the tank can trigger bacteria In the tank. Should you be just starting out, I would suggest that you simply start off having a bare bottom tank. It will be less complicated to clean. As soon as you get better at discus care and keeping the water clean, you can then start off to add more the aquarium.

Theresa Jordan wrote this article on Discus Care. They are very sensitive fish and they require a lot of maintenance. If you do no properly care for your discus fish they can become ill and catch diseases. For a complete guide on discus care, visit: Discus Fish Care.


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