Relationship Building to Inspire Growth in Your Franchise

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Franchise Growth

Franchise Growth

Relationships are at the heart of every business, even if you’re launching a franchise to take advantage of existing brand awareness to bolster success. You need to work hard to develop that network of relationships and foster personal growth among those relationships to ensure that your franchise stays operational. Many a business has gone under because a business owner ignored their business contacts.

Here are tips to help you dramatically improve your business relationships

Building a Strong Franchise – Encourage Honest Feedback

If you have an open and honest relationship with clear communication you get messages sent back and forth on how each party is performing in a business relationship. This goes for customer relationships as well. Work with your audience as well as your vendors to encourage constructive criticism – letting them know that any and all feedback is used to grow your business. It always pays to know where you stand.

Building a Strong Franchise – Listen More and Talk Less

It takes a lot to hold your tongue when someone is sharing constructive criticism or ideas with you, but one of the best ways to foster relationship growth is by being able to remain quiet and actively listen to others as they speak. Whether vendors, partners, customers or employees you need to have an open ear. Being open and approachable – letting people know they can talk to you – inspired deeper engagement.

Building a Strong Franchise – Make a Routine

You’re going to be busy when you launch a business and there will be plenty to distract you. Developing a routine can simplify your day to day tasks but it’s important to include fostering relationships in that routine. Follow up with clients or customers, call vendors to talk – you can even connect on social media to simplify the entire process for everyone involved.

Building a Strong Franchise – Be Honest

It’s important for those within your business network – customers especially – to see you as a thought leader. This positions you as an expert they can turn to for advice. With that said, you should never supply an answer if you’re not certain that it’s the right one. Take the time to refer them to another source or find an appropriate answer. This will reinforce credibility and trust a great deal with your relationships.

Build a Strong Franchise – Take Notes

Notes are an important part of relationship building. Unless you have a picture-perfect memory there’s a chance you could lose some important information when it comes to your contacts. After speaking with your clients, vendors and others involved in operating your franchise you should take notes and store them in some kind of database linked to that person. When you need to speak with them later you can recall the information and give yourself talking points. This reinforced the relationship between them, yourself and your franchise to keep them engaged – they’ll feel like you care because you remember them.

Build a Strong Franchise – Give Before you Take

However you engage your audience, be it personally or through other forms of content marketing, you should give all you can to your customers and vendors. Share and solve without attempting to sell or shill. When you make it obvious to your customers and vendors that you’re trying to be helpful, you’ll inspire more trust in your franchise and dramatically improve your relationships overall.

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