Three Important Tips To Setting Up Your Discus Aquarium

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Discus Aquarium

Discus Aquarium

Setting up your discus aquarium is a really crucial step. In case you get it wrong, it is possible to kill your fish. There’s a lot of maintenance in relation to your tank but to see the stunning discus fish swimming around is extremely rewarding. To maintain happy and healthy discus fish, you are going to have to be sure that the aquarium has clean water at all times, that is has the appropriate temperature and the pH levels.

Discus fish are component of the cichlid family and they thrive in large amounts of water. They originate from the Amazon River and your job would be to make your tank conditions comparable to that habitat. Inside the Amazon River, the water is soft and calm, the temperature is around 84-86 degrees Fahrenheit (28 degrees Celsius), it is full of driftwood, plants, trees, and it typically does not get a good deal of sunlight due to the river location.

Discus Aquarium Setup – The tank size matters

Discus Fish can grow large in size and they should have enough room where they can hide and swim freely. In terms of setting up your discus aquarium, the very first thing you need to think about is buying a bigger size tank. Discus Fish need a larger tank and it’ll maintain them happy and tension totally free. I recommend that you commence having a 40 gallon aquarium at a minimum or larger for those who have the space and it is possible to afford it.

Discus aquarium – Location of the tank

It really is excellent practice to location the tank in a location that does not excellent too significantly sunlight. For those who have plants inside the tank the sunlight will trigger them to expand and it’ll reduce the oxygen levels inside the tank. Adding plants to your take can make it pretty but most importantly it can assist filter the water. Your discus wants to be in clean water and plant life will make it a healthy environment for the fish. You may also find that the discus will hide inside the plants. Discus fish are really intelligent and shy and you do not want to location your tank in a high visitors region. They can grow to be stressed when there is too much visitors.

Discus Aquarium Setup- What to put in the tank

It’s a good practice to location rocks inside the aquarium. Be aware that some rocks contain heavy metals that could be unsafe to your fish. Some will add gravel but don’t forget that you have to be able to remove uneaten waste and food from the gravel. Most discus keepers keep the tank bare because food and their feces can decompose within the tank and cause bacteria. Bacteria can cause diseases for your fish that’s why it can be suggested that bottom feeders are purchased so that they’ll consume food and eat algae at the bottom of the tank.
Discus aquarium – Supplies that are necessary for the tank

Here is a list of the supplies that you may need for your discus aquarium:

  1. Heater
  2. pH Test kit
  3. Under-gravel filter
  4. Thermometer

Discus fish aquarium life is quite crucial. You have to maintain a habit that is suitable for them to grow and be happy and healthy. It can take some work, but a discus aquarium can be a very beautiful addition to your property.

Discus fish are very sensitive fish and their health depends on the Discus Aquarium setup. To learn what it takes for the perfect discus aquarium setup, visit: Discus Fish Care.


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