Understanding Discus Fish History Will Make you a Better Owner

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Discus Fish History

Discus Fish History

If you desire to turn into a discus owner, it can be really important that you understand the discus fish history. Discus fish are tropical freshwater fish that component of the cichlid family. Cichlids has over 1,500 species that includes Angelfish and Oscars.

Discus Fish History – The habitat

Discus fish goes back to South America; deep within the Amazon River. The water there is calm, warm and is it very clean. Discus are found around the basins of the Amazon River in rivers and streams. The water there’s deep and it has low acidic levels and it can be soft not tough. It really is critical that you keep their habitat like the conditions inside the Amazon River. If not they can turn out to be ill and catch diseases which can result in death.

Discus Fish History – Keeping your Tank like their habitat in the Amazon River

To attain this, the first believe you have to examine is the size of your aquarium. The size matters. The Amazon River is deep and they like to be in deep water. You need to buy the biggest tank that you’ve got space for and that you’ll be able to afford. Discus fish are really sensitive fish and needs clean water. Clean water conditions are very essential to having healthy discus fish which will be around for years. You may need to keep the discus aquarium temperature around 80-86 degrees Fahrenheit and 31-36 degrees Celsius. You can buy a test kit to create certain that the pH levels are around five.5-7. The most beneficial pH level for the tank is 6. You must clean the tank a couple times a week by changing out 25% of the water and by vacuuming out the bottom of the tank to get rid of decaying uneaten food and waste. This can offer an environment that’s healthy for them. If you’re a beginner, begin with a bare bottom tank because it will be simpler to clean.

Discus fish are quite sociable and they do well in a group and it’s suggested that you purchase at least 6 at a time. If you’re contemplating breeding them later on, I would suggest that you purchase juveniles and be sure that you might have males and females. This way they’ll grow together and they will pick mates. It really is a great concept to buy discus fish which are mates who have breed within the past.

History of Discus Fish – Taxonomy

Discus fish is part of the genus Symphysodon and they have three sorts of species that incorporate the common discus (Symphysodon aequifasciatus), the Heckel (Symphysodon discus) as well as a new species known as Symphysodon tarzoo. Discus fish history put the very first sighting of them back in the 1920′s.

Discus fish has compressed shape body’s that looks like a disk. They have fins that reaches to their tails. They can grow large in size.

It really is essential to comprehend discus fish history so that you’ll be able to make certain that your aquarium is close their natural habitat. Most hobbyists will tell people that discus fish are really temperamental and that they’re not good fish for beginners. It can take a great deal of work but they are gorgeous intelligent fish and they’re worth it. To have success together with your discus, understanding discus fish history can make all the distinction.

Discus Fish are some of the most fish that you can put in your tank. Most people don’t bother with them because they can require a lot of maintenance. For free Expert Advice in a 10 day mini course, visit: Discus Fish Care.


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